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If you are in debt, you have probably begun to receive collection calls. It is important to remember that collection agencies are not your friends and their only goal is to collect the money that you owe. Collection agencies will do whatever it takes to collect upon these debts, otherwise they do not get paid. Below are some important tips to use when dealing with collection agencies.

1. Keep your cool.
Do not stoop to the bill collector’s level, keep your cool, stay composed and think rationally.

2. Take control of the phone call.
The debt collectors have one thing on their mind- money. You actually have the power, because you have what they want. Make sure that they follow your rules (remain polite and respectful) otherwise tell them that you won’t talk to them.

3. Be honest.
If you can’t pay your bills, be honest. Find out what your options are.

4. Never write a personal check or do a check by phone transaction.
If you give the debt collectors access to your personal account, they can very easily deplete your funds. There is little you can do, because the court of law will not look highly upon you, since that is money that you owed them.

5. Remain calm.
You have rights. Do not allow someone to harass you, simply hang up. Staying calm will help you to think clearly and not do anything irrational that could further jeopardize your funds.



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