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  How to Stop a Foreclosure

Foreclosure is one of the most terrifying prospects a person can face. A personal tragedy such as the loss of a spouse or an unforeseen illness can leave you not only homeless, but relieved of the equity in your home.

This guide will teach you how to stop foreclosure. Some steps apply before the foreclosure process has even begun while others apply afterward. The most important thing to know is that the earlier you act- the better.

Before you go into Foreclosure, contact your lender the moment you know you cannot make the next payment on time. Lenders would...  Read More

  Foreclosure Tips and Advice

 What is a Foreclosure?


Foreclosure means the process of legal action being taken by a lien holder. They repossess property held by a borrower who is in default.

This is normally instituted by lending institutions such as banks or mortgage companies. The word distressed is used to describe the lender when a borrower fails to meet a legal obligation. They are distressed because...
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