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  Consolidate your Student Loans

If you are a college graduate, hopefully you are smarter, wiser and have landed a better job because of the experience. But like many recent college grads, you may also have racked up a mountain of student loan debt. In fact, the average student loan debt among college seniors is $19,237, according to a 2006 study by the National Center for Education Statistics.

Consolidating your student loans may be a great way to manage your debt, lower your monthly payment, extend the duration of your loan and enable you to pay a single lender, rather than making payments to multiple lenders.

But like many other things in life, you only get to do it once, so before you consolidate your loans, you should ask yourself the following questions... Read More

  Bankruptcy Tips and Advice

 Avoiding Defaulted Student Loans




credit card debtAre you a recent college graduate who has defaulted student loans? Or are you suffering financially and cannot afford to pay back your student loans? Defaulted student loans occur when you fail to make payments on your student loan for 180 days. During this 180 day period, your lender’s collection agency is required to make numerous efforts to contact you about your loan repayment...  Read more


Decrease the Amount of Money that you owe!

There are ways that you can have your student loans be "forgiven." These methods usually mean donating your time in a variety ways....

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