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Are you having trouble with the IRS or your local state’s tax department? If so, you should consider hiring a tax attorney in order to assist in resolving your financial situation. A good tax attorney should be able to help you through an audit, remove tax liens, lower fines, and can assist in self-employment tax issues. Typically, tax regulations are challenging and confusing; therefore, taxpayers who are unaware of the numerous tax laws should hire a tax attorney to resolve their tax issues.

Finding an effective tax attorney can be a challenge; however, with enough research it can be simple. A start in the right direction should be asking trusted friends and family members if they can recommend a tax attorney. Additionally, one should also ask their personal attorney for any recommendations he or she might have. Secondly, a decent tax attorney should be experienced in negotiating with the IRS. Possessing a proven track record with the IRS indicates that a proven tax lawyer is familiar with tax laws and knows how to play the system. Most importantly, taxpayers should be certain that their tax lawyer is a member of the American Bar Association and his or her State’s Bar Association. Lastly, it is wise to know your tax lawyer’s rates in order to create an affordable future payment plan.

Hiring the right tax attorney can be a challenge. Therefore, it is wise to appoint a tax attorney who has a proven track record, is highly recommended by trusted professionals and is accredited. If your potential tax attorney meets all the previous criteria, you can be confident that you have made the right choice in hiring a tax attorney.

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