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Almost anyone who has been self employed or missed a tax deadline knows the stress and hardship that can be caused by owing money to the IRS. This situation occurs for millions of Americans each year, and the IRS can be intimidating and threatening in demanding payment. Federal law gives the IRS great leeway when it comes to collecting tax debt owed to the government, and the agency will stop at nothing to collect.

First, you get the letter in the mail letting you know there will be dire consequences if you don’t pay your tax debt in full. Other tools in their arsenal include, wage garnishment, property levies and even the ability to make withdrawals from your personal bank account.

Knowing the IRS’ game is the first step to overcoming the threats and pressures they apply. A tax debt professional understands the rules and are unaffected by the IRS’ ploys, lowering your overall stress.

If you know you owe back taxes it is better to contact the IRS first -- as a gesture of good will -- to let them know you will begin working towards erasing it.

Next, it is a good idea to get in touch with a tax professional who will go over the pros and cons of all the options available to you. Among them, setting up an interest free payment plan that will allow you to pay back your tax debt at a comfortable pace, and negotiating an offer in compromise. The latter is definitely the better way to go.

When you negotiate an offer in compromise, your debt is cut substantially on the basis that you will be able to pay off the smaller amount and guarantee you pay your taxes for the next five years. If you decide to go this route, it really needs to be negotiated carefully by a tax professional.

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